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Advent Candles more options
Starting at: $6.55 
Advent Candles
Item #: 881018M
These beautiful wax Advent candles look and perform like specialty hand-dipped candles. These candles come in perfect sizes for church or home Advent wreaths.
Advent Fuel Candles more options
Starting at: $369.00 
Advent Fuel Candles
Item #: 900095M
These handcrafted refillable Advent candles use fiberglass wicks and liquid paraffin fuel, providing a cost-effective, clean-looking alternative to wax candles.
Advent Wreath
Price: $94.00 
Advent Wreath
Item #: RW3380
Advent Wreath This brass and brasstone finish Advent Wreath measures 17" in diameter, 3/4 candle sockets.
Baptismal Candle more options
Starting at: $3.00 
Baptismal Candle
Item #: 881528M
The joy of Baptism is brightened with this lovely candle depicting the baptismal font and shell. Each candle makes a wonderful gift from the church or from sponsors.
Baptismal Candle – Chi Rho
Price: $4.50 
Baptismal Candle – Chi Rho
Item #: 881526
These Baptismal candles feature a red Chi Rho design with the Greek letters alpha and omega below a symbol of a dove over a Trinitarian triangle. 51% beeswax.
Beeswax Advent Candles more options
Starting at: $49.95 
Beeswax Advent Candles
Item #: 881762M
These long-burning 1 1/2" candles are produced from 51% beeswax to ensure the purest form and the longest-burning flame, made especially for church Advent wreaths.
Behold the Lamb Paschal Candle 2"x36"
Price: $145.95 
Behold the Lamb Paschal Candle 2"x36"
Item #: 900089
This 51% beeswax Paschal Candle features patterned burgundy borders, cross, and Greek letters Alpha and Omega, as well as a golden year date and a sacrificial lamb image.
Benedictine Paschal Candle 2"x36"
Price: $98.30 
Benedictine Paschal Candle 2"x36"
Item #: 882780
51% beeswax Paschal Candle with sculpted cross...
Brass Candlesticks (Pair) more options
Starting at: $489.00 
Brass Candlesticks (Pair)
Item #: RW1118BRM
These paired altar candlesticks come in 8"", 10"", and 12"" heights, making them ideal for a chapel setting or a smaller altar.
Brass Follower (Each)
Price: $7.60 
Brass Follower (Each)
Item #: 900071
Brass follower for 1-1/8” disposable candle. This follower is designed specifically for disposable candles and should not be used with wax candles.
Brasstone Tube Candles (Pair) more options
Starting at: $84.75 
Brasstone Tube Candles (Pair)
Item #: RW10M
Put an end to unevenly burned wax candles! Tube assembly candles hide unsightly wax drip and ensure that your altar and candelabra candles are always the same height.
Bright Brass Electrified Sanctuary Lamp
Price: $1,705.00 
Bright Brass Electrified Sanctuary Lamp
Item #: 900989
Polished brass electric sanctuary lamp.
Bright Brass Sanctuary Lamp
Price: $1,395.00 
Bright Brass Sanctuary Lamp
Item #: 900988
Polished brass sanctuary lamp.
Candlelight Service Candles more options
Starting at: $37.35 
Candlelight Service Candles
Item #: 881146M
These candle sets are perfect for services which call for candlelight in the congregation, such as Christmas Eve or Easter Vigil. Drip protectors not included.
Candlelight Service Plastic Re-usable Holders (Pack of 25)
Price: $23.75 
Candlelight Service Plastic Re-usable Holders (Pack of 25)
Item #: 881822
These drip protectors are made from re-usable plastic to help you get the most out of your candlelight service set. Each pack contains 25 replacement drip protectors.
Candlelight Service Reusable Holder Kit
Price: $64.05 
Candlelight Service Reusable Holder Kit
Item #: 881821
This set of 50 congregational candles includes reusable plastic candleholders, an affordable solution for smaller congregations with a candlelight service tradition.
Candlelight Service Set more options
Starting at: $50.30 
Candlelight Service Set
Item #: 881797M
These Candlelight service master sets contain everything needed for a complete congregational candlelight service, such as Christmas or an Easter Vigil.
Christ Candle
Price: $33.60 
Christ Candle
Item #: 881760
This Advent Christ Candle features a colorful cross and manger design that depicts the baby Jesus as our newborn king. Each candle measures 11" high by 3" diameter.
Christ Candle
Price: $25.00 
Christ Candle
Item #: 881273
This Christ Candle combines a traditional Chi-Rho symbol with a unique contemporary tapered shape, calling all eras to worship Christ, the unchanging God.
Christ Unity Candle
Christ Unity Candle
Item #: 881548
This Chi Rho Christ Candle measures 3" x 12" and features a smooth gold foil Chi Rho decoration, making it ideal for use in an Advent wreath or a wedding.
Disposable Liquid Fuel Candles 1-1/8" x 12"
Price: $88.05 
Disposable Liquid Fuel Candles 1-1/8" x 12"
Item #: 900069
Case quantity of 30 candles.
Dove Baptismal Candle
Price: $5.75 
Dove Baptismal Candle
Item #: 881530
This finely ornamented Baptismal candle is the ideal keepsake, decorated with three-dimensional beeswax symbols including a dove and the Greek letters Alpha and Omega.
Easter Glory Paschal Candle 2"x36"
Price: $124.00 
Easter Glory Paschal Candle 2"x36"
Item #: 902914
51% beeswax candle has Easter Lillies in sculpted wax.
Electrified Sanctuary Lamp with Glass
Price: $295.00 
Electrified Sanctuary Lamp with Glass
Item #: 900997
Brass plated electric sanctuary lamp with cord, bulb, and glass.
Floor Model Candlelighter Stand
Price: $259.95 
Floor Model Candlelighter Stand
Item #: 901469
A black steel and brass candlelighter stand.
Glass Globe for 8-Day Sanctuary Lights, Ruby
Price: $19.95 
Glass Globe for 8-Day Sanctuary Lights, Ruby
Item #: 900868
Liquid Fuel Candles more options
Starting at: $54.00 
Liquid Fuel Candles
Item #: 900139M
These handcrafted refillable nylon candles have the appearance of beeswax and are fuelled with liquid paraffin, a great alternative to messy wax candles.
Liquid Fuel Christ Candle with Brass Cross
Price: $275.00 
Liquid Fuel Christ Candle with Brass Cross
Item #: 903098
Solid brass cross and follower. 3" x 14"
Liquid Fuel Paschal Candle - 33" x 2"
Price: $263.00 
Liquid Fuel Paschal Candle - 33" x 2"
Item #: 902995
Liquid Wax Fuel Qt
Price: $12.00 
Liquid Wax Fuel Qt
Item #: 881784
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