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It is a remarkable volume, not only in its size and comprehensiveness, but the realism of the contextualized art is stunning. At first I was a bit startled that Jesus had several dissimilar looks in the various stories since a team of artists depicted him. Then I realized that this was a characteristic of the book that I really appreciated because no one knows how exactly Jesus looked while he was here on earth. That diversity would be helpful for children to realize. The scores of stories told in their easy to understand vocabulary are enhanced by an instructional side bar that is part of every story.  Using the directives “Ask,” “Do,” and “Pray,” this feature enables this story Bible to be a helpful tool for parents to use in the Christian nurture of their children to become familiar with God’s story through The Story Bible. I commend Concordia for the publication of this excellent, beautiful resource for the church and the home.

Scottie May
Associate Professor
Christian Formation & Ministry
Wheaton College
Co-author of Children Matter and Listening to Children on the Spiritual Journey.


I have reviewed The Story Bible critically both from a child’s point of view and an adult or Bible teacher’s point of view. I find this Bible to be rich contextually and contemporarily.  The selection of the stories gives a complete overview of the whole Holy Bible. The rich realistic illustrations make the stories come alive portraying the ancient world as it was, yet speaking to the twenty-first century audience. Other strengths of this Bible story book include; the focus on the vocabulary words that are all well explained in the glossary, its durability and child friendliness and user friendliness, and the contemporary language used in retelling the stories. The suggested guides provide the user or teacher with options to tailor to their current needs and goals. It is a valuable and enriched instructional tool in grade school, Church children’s Sunday school, and Vacation Bible School. This book comes at a very opportune time and will make the Bible storytelling to children come alive and leave a lasting impression in their minds.

Dr. Doreen Tarirai Moyo
Dean of Academic Support /Professor of Education
Concordia College Selma


The Story Bible is a rich, colorful, and engaging story book that I wish was available when my children were young.  It presents the narrative of Scripture in sequence so children can get a sense of "the story" of God's good creation and redeeming love in a fallen world.  The tips for reading the Bible with children are a great guide to new parents, and the ideas for things to ask about, do, and pray as you read the stories to or with your children encourage parents to engage in spiritual conversation with their children.  What a gift to parents who want to see their children (and grandchildren) come to know about the God who made them and loves them.

Dr. Kevin E. Lawson
Director, Ph.D. and Ed.D. programs in Educational Studies
Editor, Christian Education Journal
Talbot School of Theology, Biola University


My compliments to the editors. They provided an effective combination of stories and art together with reading tips that reflect the value of God’s word. I especially commend the “Reading the Bible with Children” section. Also very thoughtful the Ask/Do/Pray activities and vocabulary words to accompany the stories. Topped off with lots of color and art like we have enjoyed for so many years from Concordia Publishing House, this is a “collector’s edition” that will certainly do more than collect dust! May God bless all those who explore these pages with their children. (Adults should love it too!)

Edward Grube, LL.D.
Director of Publications & Communications
Lutheran Education Association


My wife and I love The Story Bible. I bought one as soon as I heard about it. Our girls enjoy reading it and we use it every night before we go to bed. We are also in a transitional period with our Sunday school curriculum and have used it a few times with great success. I devoted some of the adult Bible class to a presentation of The Story Bible and the church placed an order for ten that day. The church has also decided to give it as a gift to all of our young members. Concordia Publishing House is spoiling the church with all these quality publications. Thanks!

Carl Beckwith
Associate Professor of Divinity, History and Doctrine
Beeson Divinity School


CPH has done an outstanding job with The Story Bible. There are so many aspects I appreciate-even beginning with the Preface! Every piece has been done with great intentionality. From giving parents age appropriate reading tips to activities that can engage the whole family in not just hearing the stories-but living the stories. I think one of my favorite parts is the "Ask, Do, Pray" sections. So many families today struggle with where to begin having faith conversations in their homes and this section gives them everything they need to get that ball rolling. Older readers can use this section as the beginning of a personal devotional life too. The art work and layout is beautiful and modern. THANK YOU for creating a faith tool that I want to encourage our families to use in their homes.

Michelle Thompson
Exectuive Director & Children's Ministry Advocate
CrossPoint Community Church

We received The Story Bible as a gift and we've been using it for our pre-bedtime Bible reading. The questions are great for our 5 year old and the artwork is beautiful. Very nice!

Russ Troester


We ordered 25 copies of The Story Bible to give to our pre-school "graduates," only one of whom is a member of our congregation. When our church's moms and grandmas saw them, we started another order list.

John R. Austin


‎We ordered another 35 copies of The Story Bible for families at Bethany in addition to the initial 16 I ordered for school, Sunday School, & Midweek teachers. The consistent experience is that kids AND adults get the Bible, start paging through and WILL NOT STOP - not for dinner, for bedtime, in the middle of meetings etc. The Board of Child Ministry was raving about the interest their kids had in it.

Pam Nummela


We have them in stock here and have had great response. All the hype over The Story Bible is merited!

Redeemer Lutheran Bookshop


We just received The Story Bible Sampler in the mail today – LOVE IT!
Super work!

Drew D. Gerdes
Preschool Teacher/Admission Director


Wonderful! We are collecting orders from the congregation - again. When our first group order arrived and everyone saw how beautiful the books are, more people wanted one!

Apostles Evangelical Lutheran Church and Preschool

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